Julie Simpson to Perform at the 2016 Flinton Community Jamboree

We are pleased to welcome Julie Simpson as a newcomer to our Jamboree.
Here’s a bit about Julie:

Julie Simpson will be performing at the 2016 Flinton Jamboree.‘I was born and raised down on the farm, country music all around me. I’ve been singing in various bands and as a single act for 30 something years. I’ve performed from sea to shinning sea, been blessed to sing and record in Nashville a time or two. At the CNE, I won a National countrt singing contest in 1989. Now,   I have 3 Cds out and about.

I consider myself blessed to have experienced everything musically that I have. There came a time in my life, when I needed to put the road behind me and be there for the one who needed me most. The best experience by far for me was motherhood. I’m am truly grateful that I’m still asked to sing at these wonderful jamborees every now and again…Thank you one and all for having me …’