Land O’ Lakes Cruisers – Classic Country Music for 49 years!

Land O’ Lakes Cruisers – Classic Country Music for 49 years!

The Land O’ Lakes Cruisers have been entertaining audiences for 49 years and are still going strong! The original trio of Cathy Whalen, Doug Mumford and Ralph DeFoe had a good idea when they wanted to start a dance band. The band expanded and evolved into the Land O’ Lakes Cruisers.

Cathy Whalen – Fiddle Tunes – clip

In 1984 the Cruisers entered the studio of Reg Weber and Ron Clark in Flinton to record their first album ‘Country Fans’. In 1985 the Cruisers recorded their second album ‘Sincerely Yours’ at an Elmwood Drive studio in Belleville to meet the further demands of their fans.

Today, Cathy Whalen remains the only original member of the band and performs with 4 gentlemen forming a group that’s primarily a dance band featuring classic country music.

The Land O’ Lakes Cruisers will be playing at the 2016 Flinton Community Jamboree. Again this year we will be using the new dance floor – a bit hit last year!

Cathy and the band have been known to raise thousands of dollars over the years for various charities. On their 25th Anniversary fundraiser they raised $4000 for a CAT scan at Belleville General Hospital. At their 40th Anniversary fundraiser (in 2008) they raised $7000 for the Shriner’s Hospital in Montreal.  Fundraising is obviously important to the band and they help whenever they can.

The band has played from Peterborough to Kingston and everywhere in-between. Cathy Whalen remarked that one of their biggest venues was the Trent Valley Jamboree around 1970.  Many big-name entertainers were there with a big capacity crowd of 500 people, with line-ups outside waiting to get in.  What made this event really special was a live record album was being cut at the Jamboree with the band and about 10 guests.  ‘It was a bit nerve wrecking’ said Cathy as everyone was tense to have a record cut, live.  But, the record was great and sold many copies.  ‘Probably a lot of them can be found in yard sales today’, said Cathy – but the author expects they are keepsakes for many fans.

Cathy Whalen – My Baby’s Gone – clip
At the Flinton Community Jamboree we will see Cathy Whalen performing vocals, bass guitar, violin and strum.  Russell Love will play lead guitar, fiddle and perform vocals.  Carl Wood will also perform vocals and play rhythm guitar. And. Chester McCann will play steel guitar.
The Land O’ Lakes Cruisers will also be our ‘House Band’.

Let’s give a warm welcome to the Classic Country Band!